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What’s a First Look and the Importance of Having One? —

Who wouldn’t want more photos? No one. Having a first look before the ceremony allows for an extended time with more beautiful photos. You’ll be ahead of time and there’ll be no need to rush. You can take all the pictures you want with your partner and bridal party while having fun at it - you’re investing so much into your wedding photography, and it is our pleasure to see you get your money’s worth. This is also our chance to get creative and create even more beautiful portraits of you both.

2020 RECAP —

The year that stretched us, changed our realities, and reshaped our mindsets. One minute, couples moved from planning a large wedding ceremony to wearing matching masks in small intimate weddings and elopements. In a year that many things went wrong due to the pandemic, one thing still stood out as the highlight and bedrock of our work: love. It is that light at the end of the tunnel. There were a lot of yesses; we watched hearts connect, mouths break into joyous laughter, and listened to vows

Preparing for Your Engagement Session —

Now that you've decided to go for an engagement photo session after reading our post on its importance HERE, it's time to prepare you for a memorable photo session. An engagement photo session, also known as a pre-wedding photoshoot or love stories session, is one of my favorite shoots to do. It's a perfect opportunity for couples to have an insight into what their wedding photography will look like, and over the years, I've gathered enough tips and ideas to help you create amazing photos. Th

10 Reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner —

Not sure you need a wedding planner? These 10 reasons may convince you Getting married tops the most life-changing and momentous choices you'll ever make - one minute, it's me, in the next, it's we. Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the best days of your life - a special day filled with beautiful moments for future memories. But through the years as a wedding photographer, I have seen brides get flustered over the need to make everything perfect and take care of every single detail. W

Featured Articles

FirstCheck Africa: Eloho Omame and Odun Eweniyi are Funding African Women in Tech – Scale My Hustle

When it comes to funding, so much has been said about the gender gap in the tech industry, with little being done about it. According to McKinsey’s Women Matter Africa report of 2016, only 5% of tech companies’ CEOs in Africa were women, while 29% of senior managers were women. It also stated that only 36% of organisational promotions were awarded to women While there are many reasons for the gender chasm in the tech industry, access to funding remains one of the biggest challenges women entre

“Seeing my work being used on the internet and in print gives me joy.” Visual Designer, Ifeoluwa Aminu, Takes us Through her Tech Journey – Scale My Hustle

Every month, Scale My Hustle, through its women-in-tech series feature, sheds light on young aspiring women in tech who are finding and creating their paths in the tech industry. We bring you real stories of women who amid gender biases are pulling their weight, and positively influencing the tech space. Ifeoluwa Aminu is one of those women, and we are honoured to have her share her ‘tech journey’ with us. Ifeoluwa, a graduate of Yaba College of Technology, holds a higher national diploma in e

A Beginner’s Guide To Creating A Sales Funnel – Scale My Hustle

Now that you know the importance of a sales funnel, it’s time to get started on creating one for your business. Here’s a recap of what we learned from the previous post: • A sales funnel is simply a process or journey through which potential customers become customers. • A sales funnel is the backbone of a successful business. • These are the stages that make a prospective customer a customer: Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision, and Purchase. • You need a sales funnel for your business f

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